Protect your website againsnt Distributed Denial of Services

Protection is a right of our customers and protecting you is our job. Our Anti-DDoS solutions "Genious Zen Ensure or NetDefender" will start in the heart of the network for the automatic detection of DDoS attacks and deleting the malicious traffic.

The benefits of DDoS protection in Genious Communications:

With 7 filters and using the most advanced technologies, all traffic sent to your web server is re-routed and analyzed in real time in order to allow only legitimate requests. This guarantees protection against:

  • 1- Targeted attacks.
  • 2- DDos Attacks BotNet.
  • 3- SYN Flood , DNS, UDP, and ICMP.
  • 4- Spoof IP addresses.
  • 5- Flood at the application level
  • 6- Flood HTTP GET and POST
  • 7- Virus attacks.

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