Secure your servers

Compromise Recovery

Genious Communications can assist you during recovery from a range server from different scripts exploits. We can help you to determine the cause of the infection, patch the system and / or restore backups.

Spammer Resolution

Does your server sends massive amounts of spam? Do you have difficulty determining the cause? Genious Communications can help! With our spam solving tool, Genious Communications will investigate the causes of security problems, once we have determined the cause of the attack, we will remove the cause and we will develop security measures to prevent future spam problems. If we can not find the cause, there will be no charge.

Proactive Security Update Service

Once your server is secure, you need to ensure sustainability, Genious Communications offers the Proactive security updates, with a view to be sure that your server is unreachable and shows no vulnerability. Security patches are generally applied in less than 24 hours after testing and diagnostics, this service requires that you set the view bundle Security enabled on your server.

Kernel Upgrades

The kernel is the heart of our server, and having an old and outdated kernel puts at risk your production server. Make sure your server remains updated and secure, and make sure to leave it in the hands of a true expert.

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