Why should you transfer your domain name to Genious ?

Genious Communications does not only offer you more than 350 extensions but is also the first ICANN accredited registrar in North Africa!
Transfer your domain name reliably and securely to domain name specialist registrars and benefit from their professional experience.

Customer Support

Genious Communications provides a professional support team. Focus on enhancing your activity and transfer your domain name to professional registrars.

Expertise in the field of domain names

Genious Communications has been strongly active in the domain name market for over 17 years! We are one of the leading registrars in Morocco either in the registration or the transferring of the domain names.

Large choice of extensions

We offer more than 350 extensions to transfer based on a domain name hierarchy !

How to transfer your domain name to Genious ?

Before transferring your domain name to Genious Communications, some issues should be checked so that the transfer process goes smoothly!

Unlock your domain name

The first step in transferring a domain name is to unlock it. You should make sure that the domain name registered with your current registrar is unlocked (Registrar Lock: off)

EPP code

Get your authorization code (also called EPP code or transfer code) from your current service provider. Note that some domain name extensions, mainly top level domain names (ccTLD), do not require an authorization code.
With some registrars like Genious Communications you can get the authorization code by yourself, but with some other registrars, an email request is required.

Contact address

Make sure your contact email address is valid. Genious Communications will send you and your current registrar an email to confirm the transfer of the domain name.

Transfer period

ICANN bylaws prohibit the domain name transfer if the domain name was subject to a registration or transfer in the last 60 days. So you need to make sure that the transfer or registration period of your domain name exceeds the 60 days mentioned before.

You are ready ! transfer your domain name to Genious

The domain transfer procedure with Genious Communications is extremely simple and easy !
Once you get the EPP code from your current registrar/host, you can start your transfer easily and safely.

What you have to do next :

For your order, enter your domain name in Genious Communications search bar.

Ask for the domain name transfer, then enter the EPP code on its dedicated field and continue your order.

Both you and your current Registrar will receive an email from Genious Communications inviting you to approve the transfer.

The last step of this process lasts longer. It will take 5 days for your domain name to be officially registered with Genious Communications.

Welcome to the Club !

What are you waiting for ?

FAQ about domain transfer

  • How long does it take to transfer a domain name?

    The time taken to transfer a domain name is 5 days, starting from the EPP code request until the transfer validation by the current registrar.

  • How much does it cost to transfer a domain to Genious?

    The price of the domain name transfer is the same as its registration price. Also, after the transfer, your domain name will be automatically renewed (one year, for free).